How to get started

  I understand that repairing your credit can be overwhelming and time-consuming, which is why I offer hands-off credit repair programs to handle most of the work on your behalf. I am beyond dedicated to helping you achieve better credit and a brighter financial future. Here's how it works: Schedule a FREE 5-10 minute Mini Credit Review call: During this call, we'll discuss your credit situation, and determine which one of the below hands-off programs would be the best fit for you. Get Your Credit Report: After scheduling your call, you'll receive an email with instructions and links to pull your credit report from Identity IQ, which also offers a 7-day free trial. Share Your Credit Report with me: To provide you with an accurate quote and a plan, I must review your credit report. Please make sure you send me your credit report PRIOR to the scheduled call. If I do not have your report before the call, it will result in a cancellation. Please keep in mind that prices and ser

How can we help you

 Take a look at the video below which describes a brief summary of what we can do for you here at W&S Associates.

What we do

 This is a simple brief video description of what we do here at W&S Associates. Enjoy the video and click either of the links below to schedule a free 5 minute video call or a free consulting session.  Free Consulting 5 min free video consulting

Hints on building your credit

View Larger Image How to Build Credit When people ask how to build credit, the “chicken or the egg” conundrum immediately comes to mind. We all know that having a solid credit history and credit score can help you build a solid financial future. Here’s the problem: To get a loan for a house or car, you need to show a history of responsible use and payment of credit. However, in order to build a credit history, you need a loan to begin with. Although that might sound like an impossible position to be in, you can start to build your credit inch by inch with the right credit card. It might take some effort in the beginning, but building a positive credit history is something that can pay off handsomely down the road. But, why a credit card? To begin with, credit cards and usually fairly easy to qualify without an extensive credit history. This is especially true since you could get a secured credit card in the event you couldn’t qualify for an unsecured card. Keep reading to learn more ab